Skin Peels; Are They Worth Having?

Guys, you can look your best as well. Skin peels are not just for women. They are worth it. Try them out and see if you get the results you are looking for.  If you want to glow, radiant skin as well as looking youthful then this is possible with a peel. Guys, you might […]

How to look after your beard

When it comes to beards, many people seem to think that they are grown due to a lack of personal grooming. A lack of desire to want to look after your appearance. However, if you ask someone who has a beard how much care it takes to keep it looking neat and tidy, then they […]


The term ‘manscaping’ conjures up all sorts of impressions and it can be slightly confusing as to what it actually means… So let’s start with a definition of manscaping. Most internet searches come up with as “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.” Well in a sense that true. […]

Scalp Micropigmentation

Effective Solution to Male Hair Loss Hair loss in men can lead to a variety of self-confidence and even emotional issues. It can affect not just how they see themselves physically, but also how they feel about themselves. But there is an effective solution to male hair loss. Many men experience a loss in self-esteem […]