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Skinic Manscaping

The term ‘manscaping’ conjures up all sorts of impressions and it can be slightly confusing as to what it actually means…

So let’s start with a definition of manscaping. Most internet searches come up with as “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.” Well in a sense that true.

However, there are two types of temporary hair removal; waxing and manscaping!

So, guys, manscaping is the trimming of body hair to reduce the overall length and to improve the appearance and give you a much more ‘groomed’ look to the area. Some guys that are particular hairy don’t necessarily want to remove all the hair in all of the areas of manscaping is often a popular choice for legs, arms and the chest.

No matter how much hair you have, manscaping is probably something you’ve done. Or at least thought about it. These days, nobody part is off-limits. The way we manscape, too, is changing. The natural look is in and most men are just looking for ways to look trimmer and neater, and not the Ken doll smooth.

So just to clarify it’s not waxing. Clippers are use to reduce the hair length to the desired length for you guys. Some guys like it taken down to zero whilst others often want a more sculpted look with various lengths to define abs (yes we can do that) and show off muscle definition.

For guys with sensitive skin who find that waxing doesn’t work for them then manscaping is a much better option.

One of Skinic Male Aesthetic Clinic most popular waxing combos is our back waxing treatment with the chest and abs manascape!

So whatever area you need manscaped, trimmed down to zero or whatever length you require, our team will only be too happy to help.

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