Guys, have your ever thought that you might be a woolly mammoth. Well, that died out for a reason. Manscaping is the removal or trimming of hair from a guys body, to enhance your appearance. Let’s face it you probably dabbled in it yourself at some point. These days, no part of the body is off-limits, unless you like the hairy caveman look.

The modern man has shown to like the all-natural look when it comes to pubic hair. Nowadays, it just isn’t appropriate to let your body hair grow wild and free. Trimming or manscaping is more popular. The natural look is in and most men are just looking for ways to look trimmer and neater, and not Ken doll-smooth.

Grooming your body hair is personal, to a point. Whether you want to completely get rid of hair by waxing, or just keep it trimmed.

Manscaping styles can range from simple tidying of wild undergrowth to full grooming. Along with how much hair you plan to keep. It’s important to think about the placement and shaping of your body hair and we can help with that.


These are endless: as well as helping you feel cleaner, more confident and sexier, it also enhances muscle definition. But with nipples to navigate and “Private Ryan” to protect manscaping is one male grooming activity that needs to be done correctly.

So guys, if you are ready for gorilla warfare; you need to be armed, ready to fight the fur. So just to clarify it’s now waxing. We use clippers and we’ll reduce the hair length to the desired length. Some guys like it take down to zero whilst others often want a more sculpted look with various hair lengths to define abs and show off muscle.

So guys, if you want to remove that fur blanket and find that you are sensitive to waxing than manscaping is a much better option.

With the recent spike in ‘Manscaping’ and ‘Brotox’ it is becoming more of a social norm.

What is Brotox?

In addition to body hair removal, men are opting for anti-ageing in a bid to look more youthful – with the term Brotox becoming widely used to refer to such Anti-ageing treatments for men.

Reducing the appearance of premature ageing not only helps to boost men’s confidence but also puts older men back into competition with their younger counterparts in a working environment. This benefiting your performance and self-esteem on a personal level.