Male Waxing – Overground

Male Waxing – Overground

Instead of shaving what about male body waxing. Shaving chops hair off at the skin – ouch! These effects last only days, however, wax removes hair from the root. This means smooth results which can last up to a month.

So if you want to get rid of that unwanted hair, Skinic offers male body waxing solutions for you both overground and underground. Whether is is for your back, chest, or intimate areas where the hair is a concern, we will leave you looking smooth for weeks.

Waxing for men is now a popular grooming technique replacing daily shaving. Although manscaping and wax have been around for years, the desire to remain smooth and hair-free has never been greater. Today, men are choosing to get rid of unsightly body hair, for professional reasons, sport or intimacy.

Back Only

This includes full back up to shoulders

Back & Shoulders

This includes full back down to speedo line and shoulders

Chest & Abs

This includes Chest up to front of shoulders, and abs from top of speedo line

Full Leg

This includes full leg up to speedo line, feet and toes

Full Arm

This includes, wrist to shoulder including hands

Full Body

This includes, Back, Chest, Shoulders, Abs, Leg, Arms and The Full Monty

Male with half chest waxing and half smooth chest no hair

Conditions this treatment may help with: