Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Hair removal – We’ve all done it at some point in our lives!

Whether you’re an avid weightlifter, bodybuilder or a cyclist who wants to maintain a pair of aerodynamic legs, or you simply hate having hairy shoulders, chances are you’ll have dabbled in the body at some point.

If you have, you’re not alone. Men now manscape regularly, with those that do saying it makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also enhances the appearance of their muscles.

The question is, do you wax, shave or laser? Undecided? Let’s look at some pros and cons here:

Hair Removal Techniques


Pros: Waxing has long-lasting results. By waxing you will be removing the hairs and you’ll be fuzz-free for up to six weeks. As the hair is removed at the root, it will grow back finer, rather than blunt ends that are likely to itch.

Cons: While waxing, hairs can tear off at or beneath the surface which can cause redness or itchiness.


Pros: Gives you the closest shave and offers superior exfoliation action.

Cons: Learning curve to avoid nicks and cuts. Requires time.


Pros: Laser hair removal offers one of the longest-lasting solutions to unwanted hair. This method works by zapping the cells that make the hair, and can be used to thin body hair as well as remove it. It’s especially good for the back, shoulders, neck or buttocks.

Cons: Unfortunately, permanent hair removal cannot always be guaranteed.

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