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Knowing your skin type and how it changes in different environments is key to how you treat your face. So unless you go around wearing a gimp mask over your head, your face is the first thing people see. Yet, oddly, it’s the last thing most men think about. Many of us men don’t even use a basic moisturiser or bother with sunblock. We wash our face with hand soap and shower gel.

If you treat your face well, you’ll preserve its firmness, smoothness and all-around handsomeness. Treat it badly and before long, fine lines, wrinkles will start to appear. The surprise here is that it’s really not hard to achieve a healthy tone and keep wrinkles and saggy bits at bay. You just need to know your skin type, a few how-to tips, and stick to a simple daily routine. That’s the thing with skin: you need to look after it. Like most things in life, it works best when you keep it clean and protected.

So what skin type am I?

Examine your skin at the end of the day – that way a good few hours of wear and tear will show. Oily sebum might have leaked onto your skin and if you use products would have worn off.

Normal Skin

Here, you’re looking for a soft, springy consistency, not too oily, and not too dry. A slight rubbery feel. If this is you, you’re a lucky guy. As you can usually use any product without fear of a freak breakout. However, a bit of work (washing, exfoliating and more) is needed to keep things in balance.


Here you may have anything from a light sheen of oil to a face like a bottom of deep-fat-fryer. You may also have some blackheads and blemishes when it’s out of control. Don’t use oil-based products, that’s a big mistake. Simply use lotions rather than creams. Try gels and clarifying products and avoid anything too rich. Another tip, make sure you exfoliate regularly or have a chemical peel or hydrofacial. Oily skin can attract dirt and grime.


This is when the skin feels raspy and dry and sometimes a little flaky, similar to a sausage roll. Your skin is more likely to be prone to skin sensitivity, so natural products with rich moisturising properties are best. Use creams rather than lotions, but pay attention to the oil content, the higher the better.


Here, you will have an oily forehead and nose, but dry cheeks? You’re a bit of both and consider your skin as bi-furious. It’s a tricky one to buy for, as different areas respond in a different way to the same product. When in doubt, focus on oil-free products that are simple but nourishing.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want skin that looks fresh and clean, then you are going to want to book in for a personalised skin analysis.

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