Top Tips For Building a Skincare Routine

Top Tips For Building a Skincare Routine

If you’re going to build yourself a skincare routine, then gentlemen, you’ll need all the help you can get. Tips for building a skincare routine isn’t easy. There’s a lot of different ways you can do it, but here are our top suggestions for assembling a system to look after your skin.

1. Go Natural

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to trying to build yourself a skincare routine is to go natural.

By this, we mean that you should try and use ingredients and substances which are as natural as possible. You shouldn’t be so quick to expose your body to chemicals, because this doesn’t always work out long-term.

Try and look for organic ingredients in things like creams and moisturisers.

2. Wash your face regularly

One of the simplest and most effective ways to building a skincare routine is to get into the habit of washing your face regularly. It’s not difficult to do, and it guarantees that you get access to safe, reliable moisture. You need to be able to moisturise your face on a regular basis, as well as hydrate it.

Hydration is so important for getting the best skin possible. When the skin is allowed to hydrate, it restores vitality and looks younger.

3. Eat Right

If you want healthy-looking skin, you probably have to do something about the diet. Something important that you should probably remember is that when it comes to looking after your body, you need to avoid fatty foods. They make your skin greasy, which isn’t good for it.

The best thing that you can do in this situation is to try and find access to healthy, low-fat foods that will help your skin to thrive, and make sure that you have plenty of nutrients as well.

4. Sleep well and let your skin breathe

If you’re going to practice looking after your skin, then you need to sleep regularly. Sleeping allows the body time to rejuvenate anything that is wrong with it, and at the same time, helps make sure that skin remains useful and vibrant.

At the same time, you should also try and focus on giving yourself the best opportunities when it comes to letting your skin breathe. Your skin needs time to heal like any other body part, so it does need time when you’re not doing anything to it in order to relax and naturally soak up nutrients and hydration.

Final thoughts

Ultimately, the key to healthy, happy skin is often just about looking after it and treating it with respect. Remember that organic chemicals are the best way to maintain your skin. Try to avoid artificial and synthetic compounds wherever you can.

Remember that your skin will respond to the environment, so if you are dealing with large amounts of stress, it will show. The best way to look after your skin is just to be kind to it. This can ultimately take time, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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How to Exfoliate your face for Men

Guys, should you exfoliate or not? The simple answer is yes. Read here how to exfoliate your face for men.

Think about doing this once, maybe twice a week. The process of removing dead skin cells will leave your skin looking and feeling fresher, cleaner, and a whole lot smoother. Do it right and you’ll be unclogging pores, shedding flaky skin, and uncovering hairs that might have got infected. Do it too enthusiastically and you are left with a face that is sensitive and sore; remember the scene in RoboCop, when the bank robber drives into a vat of toxic waste.

The good news is that it’s easy to get right. You just need a facial cleanser that has a little grit in it and then use it the same way you might apply your face wash.

What does exfoliation do?

Exfoliation is the one step in your skincare routine that will really make your skin stay younger-looking. So men, exfoliating your face has some advantages already.

It eliminates dead skin cells, accelerates cell renewal, and stimulates your skin’s natural repair mechanism. This leads to an instant improvement in the appearance of your skin.

  • The texture of your face looks smoother and more youthful
  • There’s an improvement in overall skin tone, and your pores appear smaller
  • It helps get rid of blackheads
  • There’s less chance of ingrown hairs
  • It allows for better absorption of your moisturiser, keeping your skin well hydrated

It also increases blood circulation to your face, brings nutrients to the skin surface. This in turn leads to a healthy, vibrant and glowing complexion.

What’s the right way?

Squeeze some of the exfoliators onto the tips of your fingers and rub gently into the face using a circular motion, working out from the centre of your face, for 30+ seconds. Do this with lukewarm water to loosen things up.

Pay attention to the nose to make sure you’re helping unclog all your pores. If you have more than a little light acne, you’re best off using a specific anti-bacterial exfoliator. Some products use a mild acid to help things along with fruit enzymes and traditional exfoliating elements that range from sea salt to peach pits.

In a nutshell, scrubs are highly effective, deep cleansing washes that exfoliate to remove dead skin and excess oils. They work best when used 1-2 times per week, usually pre-shave. By using a scrub effectively can drastically improve both the health and appearance of your skin.

So the question, should men exfoliate their face or not to exfoliate?

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How to wash your face

Guys, do you really know how to wash your face? I hear you cry, “What’s wrong with soap and water? Well, everything. Your typical bar of soap is alkaline based. While it is great at removing dirt, it tends to go further than that. What I mean is it strips your skin of moisture, leaving it tight and itchy. Washing your face should give you a clean slate. Ideally, not to dry out your skin, or leave it like an oily slick. Pick a face wash that suits your skin type. Use it little and often to keep yourself looking tiptop.

The Lather

First, use a small amount of face wash to thoroughly clean your hands first, before washing your face. With lukewarm water add a ‘pea size’ amount of face wash to your fingertips and gently rub your face in a circular motion, working outwards from the centre to create a lather. Allow 30 seconds or more to do this. Pay special attention to your forehead and nose (T-Zone), and get in all the cracks and crevices. Don’t forget your jawline, neck, your hairline and behind your ears. Most guys don’t spend enough time on the lather but 30 seconds plus does the trick.

It doesn’t matter where you do it, just make part of your routine. However, a word of warning; don’t be rough. Your skin has to last the distance and treating it too rough means that, over your lifetime, it could drift a little from its moorings and start to sag.

The Splash Off

After the lather, splash off the face wash with fresh lukewarm water. Don’t use the same water as for the lather. Make sure there’s no residue, especially your hairy bits (beard or moustache) as a build-up of product can block pores and encourage breakouts.

If you have ever experienced a hot towel treatment at the barbers, then wrap up like the Invisible Man with a near-scorching damp towel that’s fresh out of the microwave. Yes, you heard it, a damp towel place in a bag in the microwave for 2-3 minutes will give you the same result.

The Dry Up

A clean towel is pretty much essential. Don’t use the same one you have for a shower. As a general rule just pat your face dry. Don’t rub or scrub, which can damage your skin, just dab your face. Bob’s your uncle, you are, fresh, clean and dry and ready to absorb any moisturiser you wish to smear on.

Common Problems?

If you’re using a mild, foaming face wash that still leaves you feeling tight every time, you’re probably washing away moisture from your skin along with the city dirt and your protein shake smears. Switch to a cream-based wash, it’ll soften your skin and clean it at the same time.

Combination skin, I hear your cry? Use a cream wash in the morning and your foaming one at night. That’s right guys, you do need to lather up at night as well. This will give your face a little balance.

Ultimately, all skin types – even oily ones need hydration and can benefit greatly from a little cleansing.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Lather up to get that skin looking clean and fresh.

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Treatments to be considered:

Know Your Skin Type

Knowing your skin type and how it changes in different environments is key to how you treat your face. So unless you go around wearing a gimp mask over your head, your face is the first thing people see. Yet, oddly, it’s the last thing most men think about. Many of us men don’t even use a basic moisturiser or bother with sunblock. We wash our face with hand soap and shower gel.

If you treat your face well, you’ll preserve its firmness, smoothness and all-around handsomeness. Treat it badly and before long, fine lines, wrinkles will start to appear. The surprise here is that it’s really not hard to achieve a healthy tone and keep wrinkles and saggy bits at bay. You just need to know your skin type, a few how-to tips, and stick to a simple daily routine. That’s the thing with skin: you need to look after it. Like most things in life, it works best when you keep it clean and protected.

So what skin type am I?

Examine your skin at the end of the day – that way a good few hours of wear and tear will show. Oily sebum might have leaked onto your skin and if you use products would have worn off.

Normal Skin

Here, you’re looking for a soft, springy consistency, not too oily, and not too dry. A slight rubbery feel. If this is you, you’re a lucky guy. As you can usually use any product without fear of a freak breakout. However, a bit of work (washing, exfoliating and more) is needed to keep things in balance.


Here you may have anything from a light sheen of oil to a face like a bottom of deep-fat-fryer. You may also have some blackheads and blemishes when it’s out of control. Don’t use oil-based products, that’s a big mistake. Simply use lotions rather than creams. Try gels and clarifying products and avoid anything too rich. Another tip, make sure you exfoliate regularly or have a chemical peel or hydrofacial. Oily skin can attract dirt and grime.


This is when the skin feels raspy and dry and sometimes a little flaky, similar to a sausage roll. Your skin is more likely to be prone to skin sensitivity, so natural products with rich moisturising properties are best. Use creams rather than lotions, but pay attention to the oil content, the higher the better.


Here, you will have an oily forehead and nose, but dry cheeks? You’re a bit of both and consider your skin as bi-furious. It’s a tricky one to buy for, as different areas respond in a different way to the same product. When in doubt, focus on oil-free products that are simple but nourishing.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want skin that looks fresh and clean, then you are going to want to book in for a personalised skin analysis.

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Treatments to be considered:

Why Men Can Benefit From Facial Too

Skinic Male Aesthetics Clinic Blog Banner - Male Facials

Guys, when you think about facials you are usually going to think about the beauty salon. Yes, beauty industry has a largely female following. However, this doesn’t mean that men are not interested in what it can do for them.

In fact, just as much as facials can help women to feel great about their skin. The way it looks, it can also help men too. To help to show you, we have put together the main reasons why men can benefit from a male facial.

A proper clean

You may be good at washing your face every single day, without you realising your skin can get quite dirty over time. This is why a male facial can help. A facial will make sure that your skin has a deep and invigorating clean. It will incorporate a number of different products, all of which are designed to help to remove dirt and oil build-up. It will also utilise massage, which will help to ensure that the products are well absorbed.


One thing that can definitely be said about facials is that they work. It offers a deep clean on your skin and will extract all of the bad stuff. Not only will it help to clean out our pores, removes blackheads, but it will also safely remove any spots that have formed. Not only this but it’s so safe, something that you simply cannot do at home yourself.

Whilst there are lots of products out there that claim to be able to help with skin issues and give you a facial at home experience. These products might not be able to deliver on their claims and can actually end up damaging your skin. This is because the products that they contain might not be suitable for your skin type, which can make problems worse. It is a much better idea to pay out for a facial, as this will not only work, but it will also be tailored to your skin type.


Talking about your skin type, there is a good chance that you won’t really know what type of skin you have or what products are best to use. Having a facial means that you can talk to an expert in skin and help you to learn more about your own skin type. You’ll be given advice on what products are best for your skin and how to use them safely too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to have skin that looks fresh and clear, then you are going to want to book in for a men’s facial! Designed to make sure that your skin looks amazing, men’s facials will bring a whole range of benefits that you may not even realise.

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What to expect during a back wax?

Skinic Blog Banner - Male Back Waxing

Men, the most common area of the body that needs waxing is the back and shoulders. Of course, there are plenty of other areas on the body that can be waxed. However, male back waxing is one that most men seem to book in for.

A back wax should take somewhere in the region of 30 minutes. However, it will depend on how large the area is and of course, how dense the hair is too. This is one of the reasons why many men book in for this particular treatment. Many guys, know it is effective and that it won’t always take that long to do.

Want to know more about having a back wax? Here is what you can expect during a back wax.


Before the waxing can begin, we will need to make sure that there are absolutely no contraindications. We will assess your skin and will also ask you a variety of questions. Things that we are looking out for is whether or not there has been any recent bruising on the skin or if there is recent scar tissue. We will also ask you questions about your circulation and whether you may have diabetes or not. We will also talk to you about the areas that they cannot wax, which will be where there are rashes, warts, cuts and any hairy moles.

Clean the skin

The next step in the process is cleansing the skin. In order to do this a cleanser will be used which has be designed specifically for waxing. This will help to ensure the wax adhere to the hair well. It will also reduce the risk of you developing any infections within the hair follicles.

Time to wax

As the back and shoulder area is quite large and the skin there is pretty tough, a strip wax method is used. In order to do this, warm wax will be applied. This will follow the direction of hair growth. The waxing strips will then be placed onto the warm wax so that it sticks. The therapist will then stretch out your skin (which is known to reduce the amount that it hurts) before pulling off the waxing strip and the hair underneath it. This will be repeated a variety of times, until the back is clean and clear.

After wax lotion will be applied

The waxing process can take its toll on your skin and even though the therapist will reduce the amount of pain, there is still a good chance it will be tender. This is why an after wax lotion is applied. These products are not only going to guard against infection and inflammation, but it is also going to make sure that any residual wax is removed from the skin too. 

Don’t think that you have to put up with a hairy back, book in for a back wax and you will soon feel smooth and soft and ready to face the world.

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Treatments to be considered:

Skin Peels; Are They Worth Having?

Banner Image of a man having a skin peel at Skinic Male Aesthetics Clinic
Banner Image of a man having a skin peel at Skinic Male Aesthetics Clinic

Guys, you can look your best as well. Skin peels are not just for women. They are worth it. Try them out and see if you get the results you are looking for. 

If you want to glow, radiant skin as well as looking youthful then this is possible with a peel. Guys, you might not know exactly which treatments are going to have the best results on your skin.

To help you to figure out what to try, we have put together our guide to peels and whether or not they are worth having yourself.

What are skin peels?

Back in the 90s skin peels were all the rage. However, whilst they may have been around for some time, this doesn’t mean that they are outdated in any way. In fact, the truth is that chemical peels have been around for such a long time because they really work.

Take exfoliating products; apply them to the skin, this will help to even out the texture of the skin, as well as make sure that all the dead skin and cell build-up is removed too.

Will they work for men?

So, the next question is whether or not they will work for men? The concern for many men is that because they have thicker skin, this could mean that they are not going to see the same results.

However, this is not the case. In fact, skin peels for men will help to do all the things that they do for women. However, men may find that they have to book in for one a month. That way, their skin can feel the maximum benefit.

What are the benefits?

So guys, if you try out a chemical skin peel for yourself, then this is what you can expect to happen?

The main benefit for having them is that it will ensure that your skin texture is as evened out as possible. 

It will also help to prevent any breakouts that might happen on your skin. It will help with those signs of ageing that can occur over time. Other great things about having a peel are that they can make sure that your skin maintains its youthful look. It can even help with reducing the risk of ingrown hairs as it helps to unclog your pores.

So consider all of the things that happen every single day which dry out your skin and make it look dull and tired. A regular skin peel can help.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not try out skin peels for yourself? This treatment is going to help you to have amazing looking skin, skin that even the women in your life are going to be jealous of.

To book in for your skin peel call Skinic on 0115 7847128 for an appointment.

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How to look after your beard

Male trimmer his beard - Skinic Male Aesthetic Clinic

When it comes to beards, many people seem to think that they are grown due to a lack of personal grooming. A lack of desire to want to look after your appearance. However, if you ask someone who has a beard how much care it takes to keep it looking neat and tidy, then they are likely to tell you that beard care is serious business.

In fact, a beautifully kept beard is going to take some daily care. This means that you are going to need to get yourself into some kind of beard care routine. To help you to figure out how best to approach everyday beard care, we have put together our guide on how to look after your beard every single day. 

Use of beard Oil

If there is no other beard product that you use on a daily basis, then make sure that you use beard oil. Beard oil is a great way to ensure that your beard hair has the same level of oil on it as the rest of your face. To create a beard that is soft and smooth and ensure that it is not itchy in any way. It repairs any beard hair that has become damaged and will ensure that your beard looks shiny and supple rather than greasy. 

It is best used straight after a shower and you only need a few drops on your palm before rubbing this through your beard with your fingers. 

Comb your beard

Another must-have when it comes to your beard is to make sure that you comb it every single day. Generally, this is often good to do before you apply the beard oil. However, if you feel that it gets extra tangled, then you might want to apply your beard oil and then comb it through to maximise the ease at which you can do this. 

You may also want to get used to carrying a comb with you whilst you are out and about just to tackle any rogue tangles that may develop during the day. 

Try out balm

If you are someone who tries to style and shape their beard, then the best way to do this is to use a suitable product. There are a number of beard products out there that you can try and use. The best one to try out for yourself is beard balm. Not only is beard balm great for making sure that your beard looks amazing, but it is also designed to add scent to your beard too.

The main thing to remember is that if you want a beard that looks amazing, then you are going to need to put the effort in to make sure that is taken proper care of. Whether this is a simple application of beard oil or something even more, then make the effort and you will be rewarded. Incorporate these with general skin for a great look.

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Treatments to be considered:


Man having manscaping carried out
Skinic Manscaping

The term ‘manscaping’ conjures up all sorts of impressions and it can be slightly confusing as to what it actually means…

So let’s start with a definition of manscaping. Most internet searches come up with as “the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic effect.” Well in a sense that true.

However, there are two types of temporary hair removal; waxing and manscaping!

So, guys, manscaping is the trimming of body hair to reduce the overall length and to improve the appearance and give you a much more ‘groomed’ look to the area. Some guys that are particular hairy don’t necessarily want to remove all the hair in all of the areas of manscaping is often a popular choice for legs, arms and the chest.

No matter how much hair you have, manscaping is probably something you’ve done. Or at least thought about it. These days, nobody part is off-limits. The way we manscape, too, is changing. The natural look is in and most men are just looking for ways to look trimmer and neater, and not the Ken doll smooth.

So just to clarify it’s not waxing. Clippers are use to reduce the hair length to the desired length for you guys. Some guys like it taken down to zero whilst others often want a more sculpted look with various lengths to define abs (yes we can do that) and show off muscle definition.

For guys with sensitive skin who find that waxing doesn’t work for them then manscaping is a much better option.

One of Skinic Male Aesthetic Clinic most popular waxing combos is our back waxing treatment with the chest and abs manascape!

So whatever area you need manscaped, trimmed down to zero or whatever length you require, our team will only be too happy to help.

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Treatments to be considered:

Melanoma & Skin Cancer Early Detection

Skinic Male Aesthetic clinic is proud to be accredited by MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) Scheme. Awareness of the early signs and symptoms of Melanoma and Skin Cancer is a commonplace. With over 86% of all cases of melanoma being preventable.

MASCED Accredited logo

Men are twice as likely to die of skin cancer than women. Male skin cancer has double over the last 20 years. The reason for this is that men are in denial about the risk of sun exposure to their own skin and fail to use sun protection. Just look at guys on the building site in summer.

The World Health Organisation state that men take less protective measures than women. Guys are more likely to agree with the statement that ‘having a tan is sexy”

The link between attractiveness and tanning guys is something that needs to overcome when it comes to skin cancer. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. In fact, men under 49 are likely to develop melanoma than any other cancer. Guys, aged between 15 – 39 are 55% more likely to die of melanoma than women in the same age group.

As we see you guys on a regular basis, we have a unique opportunity to spot changes on your skin, especially in areas that you are not able to see yourselves. This puts us in a unique position where we can help to sport the early signs of Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and have the ability to signpost you.

Skinic clinicians are trained in early detection and help you guys raise the awareness of early signs and symptoms of skin cancers.

So guys, if you are concerned with any mole that has changed in shape, size, appearance or, is itchy, sore or bleeds occasionally book in with us. We can provide an in-depth skin analysis and photos that allow you to record and monitor any further changes.

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