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Guys unsure what pre-waxing procedures you need too. This will explain all.

When you go for your waxing treatment it’s always drummed into you the importance of male waxing aftercare. Guys, it’s very important to get the best from your treatment and the best way to do that. Equally important to be prepared for your treatment and ensure that you get the best male waxing experience; pre-waxing advice. If you’re new to waxing then you probably won’t be fully aware of what’s expected. So here are some issues and points that can make a huge difference.

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  1. Let it grow! Always ensure it’s the correct length. If you’ve been shaving or trimming hair very short then you must ensure it’s long enough to wax. Ideally you want the hair to be around quarter inch. If you’re covered in hair and it’s very long then you may want to check if they’re happy to trim prior to waxing. Most clippers a grade 4 should reduce long hair and still have enough.
  2. If you’re coming directly form work you should bring a clean clothing to change into after your wax as it will ensure your skin will be nice and clean.
  3. Same rule applies to intimate waxing. Bring a clean loose fitting pair of boxers (better than tight fitting underwear). Tight-fitting underwear will be rubbing against the skin and won’t allow the skin to breathe.
  4. Try not to rush getting to your appointment, especially in the middle of the summer. A lot of sweating and perspiring can make your waxing treatment a lot more uncomfortable.
  5. Gentle exfoliation of the skin using a washcloth or loofah a few days before your waxing is really good as it will help to remove any dead skin. It also helps to lift the hair. Moisturising between waxing treatments will hydrate your skin and keep it nice and soft prior to your waxing treatment.
  6. Don’t have your waxing carried out if you’ve just been sunbathing or you’ve just had a sun-bed session, as your skin will be too sensitive.
  7. Make sure your 100% honest with your therapist when you complete your pre waxing consultation.
  8. Don’t wear any tight clothing. Try to avoid layers of clothing so that you can keep your skin cool and avoid sweating.
  9. Lastly, but importantly, if you got a very low pain threshold then you may want to consider taking some pain relief to help with the discomfort.

Finally enjoy your session, the therapist is experience and ask any questions.

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