The History of Male Waxing


The history of male waxing and why it has become some popular in modern day society.

It’s very interesting when you look closely at men’s hair removal and just how long the process has been around. This blog will focus on the history of male waxing.

Historically, men’s body hair has been associated with male virility, power and general attractiveness. However, hair removal for men is not just a modern-day fad, even though that’s the way it’s been perceived. In fact, when you look closely at hair removal it does have a traceable history that stretches back to Egyptian times. This is where men and women would shave their bodies every few days as part of a ritual. This is not too dissimilar now to modern day waxing services.

Male with half chest waxing and half smooth chest no hair

Male grooming is a matter of personal preference and we all have numerous reasons for ‘manscaping’ or completely removing our body hair; either via waxing or laser. Waxing and manscaping treatments are now increasingly popular for men.

So for most guys, being well-groomed means being more attractive to possible partners. However, some guys choose to remove body hair for hygiene purposes, sporting reasons; especially swimmers or cyclists, to show off their muscle definition, enhance the overall appearance of their body shape. It is also common in some religions in particular intimate body hair.

However, for the modern day guy it is simply to improve their personal style or to be up to date with the trends.

Whatever your reason you’ll be sure to find a treatment to suit you.

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