The Ultimate Guide to Manscaping

Manscaping is a humorous term that blends the words man and landscaping. It denotes the removal or trimming of hair on a man’s body for cosmetic purposes via methods like waxing, shaving and plucking.

Unless you like the hairy caveman look, chances are you groom your body hair. After all, these are modern times and letting your body hair grow wild and free just isn’t appropriate anymore. But, even if you’re familiar with a body trimmer or two, mastering the art of manscaping can be a challenge. From navigating the different body parts to recognising the best tool for each job, all-over grooming is undoubtedly tricky.

Manscaping Styles

Manscaping isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. So, don’t panic if you’re not looking to go completely fur-free. Manscaping styles can range from the simple tidying of wild hairs to full grooming, meaning that you can pick the right level to suit your style. Along with how much hair you plan to keep, it’s also important to think about the placement and shaping of your body hair. While some men prefer a hairy chest and clean stomach, others opt for a smooth chest and snail trail. Likewise, there are also a variety of manscaping styles for below the belt, which can range from all-natural to neatly trimmed, the triangle and, of course, all-off.

Male brazilian styles
Image of 12 different male brazilian styles for laser, waxing or manscaping

How to Manscape


When it comes to grooming your chest, you’ll need to decide on a manscaping style. Today, many gents opt for a simple, neatly trimmed look. However, others prefer a bare-chested appearance.

How to Groom Your Chest:

To tidy your chest hair, equip yourself with a quality electric trimmer. Then, select the guard you want and adjust it appropriately as you go. If you prefer a clean look, consider using shaving cream and a fresh manual razor instead.


Today, most men who groom, choose to remove all their back hair. Thankfully, waxing can be a fast and efficient way to get rid of unwanted back hair but be sure to leave it to the professionals for perfect results. If you do plan to groom your back at home, remember to buy a razor or trimmer with an extended handle to help you get those hard-to-reach places.

How to Groom Your Back:

To groom back hair at home, use a trimmer on the lowest setting with an arm extension. Then, carefully go over your entire back, regularly checking that you didn’t miss any patches. Alternatively, consider a men’s hair removal cream. Just apply it to your back, wait 5-10 minutes, and rinse both the cream and your back hair off.

Our next blog will be all about manscaping “below the belt”.

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