Manscaping Tips for Shaving your Balls

No matter how much hair you have, manscaping is probably something you’ve done already, or at least thought about. And these days, no part of the body is off limits. Guy’s it is reported that 62% of men trim or shave below the belt. That number climbs higher when you start talking about other areas like your chest (72%) and back (78%). Read below for manscaping tips for your balls.

The way we manscape, too, is changing “ten years ago chest waxing was a huge thing. Guys wanted it all gone. Now trimming is more popular.” The natural look is in and most men are just looking for ways to look trimmer and neater, not Ken doll-smooth.

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Grooming your body hair is personal, to a point. Whether you want to completely get rid of hair or just keep it trimmed depends on your preference and it’s entirely possible to do it yourself at home. But for some areas you may need to get some extra help, like your back.

There are also actual health concerns to manscaping yourself, “The biggest risks of manscaping are infection, ingrown hairs (pseudofolliculitis), and skin irritation,” not to mention the risk of cuts and more serious injuries, which nearly half of men have experienced from manscaping. Most of these issues come from improper technique and using the wrong tools. Here are the seven must-follow tips to manscape your body safely and effectively, as well as the proper tools to get the job done right.

Why should you groom down there!


No matter how low you like to go, grooming means you can still keep some hair around your manhood. We know many of you macho men out there like to look proudly down on some fur and with grooming you still can. You can tidy up and trim your tresses into a neater style, whilst still keeping them at your desired length.


Grooming your groin can help you appear more sexually attractive to your partner. Whether you want to spice things up or just be considerate, no one likes to be confronted with a wild mass of unkempt hair.


A benefit all of you will enjoy, whether you admit it or not! Cutting back the grass can make the tree look much taller.


Protecting our precious parts is very important to us. This is one of the reasons we don’t recommend shaving down there, as it can often lead to ingrown hairs and razor bumps. We always suggest that instead, you opt for trimming as a way to keep your area under control.


Shaving seems a good idea until your disposable razor snags your skin, wounding one of your troops! By choosing to trim, you avoid uncomfortable cuts but also itchy regrowth, as the hairs aren’t re-growing from underneath the skins surface.

Top Tips


Keep yourself dry. This will make the process much easier to neaten up. You don’t want to try and attack a mass of wet hair all gathered into one clump. Trust us all you’ll end up with is a very patchy pathway.


Grooming your delicates is an important procedure and extra care needs to be taken to avoid any painful nicks. The top half is the easy part; with no obstacles, you can easily cut back your hair into a shorter, smarter style. However, the second half is much trickier; this is where you should really take your time and work carefully around your lower region.


This is the only time water should be used in the grooming process. When trimming the area underneath and around your balls, you’ll really need them to be working with you. We’ve found the best way to achieve this is by splashing them with a bit of cold water. This helps the skin become taught for ultimate contact.


Trimming over the toilet is a great answer for those of you who hate cleaning up after your groom routine or have partners with very strict bathroom rules. This is also a great option for speeding up the trimming process without compromising on your actual grooming time.


These aren’t just here for decoration. Using the plastic guard attachments on your body hair groomer not only help you avoid harming yourself, but they also stop you cutting away too much of your manly mane.

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