More men, gay or straight are seeking the Beckham effect and go wild for Boyzilians or Intimate waxing. It is probably not the first thing you notice when you look at posters of David Beckham modelling the new range of designer underwear. However, once you have finished inspecting his xylophone stomach muscles, imagined yourself in those designer undies. Take a look at his upper and inner thighs. You see they are awfully smooth. Had he .. he hadn’t, had he? … done his speedo line? No one can confirm. To achieve that ultra smoothness it is likely he has undergone some ‘border control’, and is he starting a trend. Who knows.

All over the UK more and more men (gay and straight alike) are visiting clinics and seeking out a “Boyzillian”, or as some guys refer to it as “the Fully Monty”. In other words, the complete or near-complete removal of hair in the intimate areas using wax.

Guys report that “It just looks nice and tidy”, after the “back, sack and crack waxing”. Of course it is slightly painful, but it is not nearly as sore as having the chest waxed. Also, it’s much better than shaving it too. You don’t get those awkward nicks and it doesn’t grow back anything like as quickly.

Guys tend to deal with the slight pain and come from every walk of life and profession; accountants, stockbrokers, teachers, boxers to models. However, it has been becoming increasingly popular with men from the building trade.

In the celebrity world male waxing is becoming more open, as it makes men feel more comfortable.

But is it really fashionable? Well, it gives a cleaner look that is really present in fashion today, and people pick that up in their subconscious. Could this be the norm? Guys now are tidying themselves up more and more in the past few years.

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