How to Exfoliate your face for Men

Guys, should you exfoliate or not? The simple answer is yes. Read here how to exfoliate your face for men.

Think about doing this once, maybe twice a week. The process of removing dead skin cells will leave your skin looking and feeling fresher, cleaner, and a whole lot smoother. Do it right and you’ll be unclogging pores, shedding flaky skin, and uncovering hairs that might have got infected. Do it too enthusiastically and you are left with a face that is sensitive and sore; remember the scene in RoboCop, when the bank robber drives into a vat of toxic waste.

The good news is that it’s easy to get right. You just need a facial cleanser that has a little grit in it and then use it the same way you might apply your face wash.

What does exfoliation do?

Exfoliation is the one step in your skincare routine that will really make your skin stay younger-looking. So men, exfoliating your face has some advantages already.

It eliminates dead skin cells, accelerates cell renewal, and stimulates your skin’s natural repair mechanism. This leads to an instant improvement in the appearance of your skin.

  • The texture of your face looks smoother and more youthful
  • There’s an improvement in overall skin tone, and your pores appear smaller
  • It helps get rid of blackheads
  • There’s less chance of ingrown hairs
  • It allows for better absorption of your moisturiser, keeping your skin well hydrated

It also increases blood circulation to your face, brings nutrients to the skin surface. This in turn leads to a healthy, vibrant and glowing complexion.

What’s the right way?

Squeeze some of the exfoliators onto the tips of your fingers and rub gently into the face using a circular motion, working out from the centre of your face, for 30+ seconds. Do this with lukewarm water to loosen things up.

Pay attention to the nose to make sure you’re helping unclog all your pores. If you have more than a little light acne, you’re best off using a specific anti-bacterial exfoliator. Some products use a mild acid to help things along with fruit enzymes and traditional exfoliating elements that range from sea salt to peach pits.

In a nutshell, scrubs are highly effective, deep cleansing washes that exfoliate to remove dead skin and excess oils. They work best when used 1-2 times per week, usually pre-shave. By using a scrub effectively can drastically improve both the health and appearance of your skin.

So the question, should men exfoliate their face or not to exfoliate?

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