What to expect during a back wax?

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Men, the most common area of the body that needs waxing is the back and shoulders. Of course, there are plenty of other areas on the body that can be waxed. However, male back waxing is one that most men seem to book in for.

A back wax should take somewhere in the region of 30 minutes. However, it will depend on how large the area is and of course, how dense the hair is too. This is one of the reasons why many men book in for this particular treatment. Many guys, know it is effective and that it won’t always take that long to do.

Want to know more about having a back wax? Here is what you can expect during a back wax.


Before the waxing can begin, we will need to make sure that there are absolutely no contraindications. We will assess your skin and will also ask you a variety of questions. Things that we are looking out for is whether or not there has been any recent bruising on the skin or if there is recent scar tissue. We will also ask you questions about your circulation and whether you may have diabetes or not. We will also talk to you about the areas that they cannot wax, which will be where there are rashes, warts, cuts and any hairy moles.

Clean the skin

The next step in the process is cleansing the skin. In order to do this a cleanser will be used which has be designed specifically for waxing. This will help to ensure the wax adhere to the hair well. It will also reduce the risk of you developing any infections within the hair follicles.

Time to wax

As the back and shoulder area is quite large and the skin there is pretty tough, a strip wax method is used. In order to do this, warm wax will be applied. This will follow the direction of hair growth. The waxing strips will then be placed onto the warm wax so that it sticks. The therapist will then stretch out your skin (which is known to reduce the amount that it hurts) before pulling off the waxing strip and the hair underneath it. This will be repeated a variety of times, until the back is clean and clear.

After wax lotion will be applied

The waxing process can take its toll on your skin and even though the therapist will reduce the amount of pain, there is still a good chance it will be tender. This is why an after wax lotion is applied. These products are not only going to guard against infection and inflammation, but it is also going to make sure that any residual wax is removed from the skin too. 

Don’t think that you have to put up with a hairy back, book in for a back wax and you will soon feel smooth and soft and ready to face the world.

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