Top 3 Male Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Skincare treatments are just for women, you say? Long gone are those days! Men its time to takecare of your skin

More men today are realising the benefits of not just taking better care of their skin but especially male aesthetic treatments.

Damage from the sun, too much stress due to work and family, sleepiness nights and sometimes merely the age factor can bring about dramatic changes in a man’s skin tone, colour and texture. And this can often adversely affect confidence levels and even quality of life.

Here are some of the most popular male aesthetic skin treatments that men can benefit from:

Skin Needling

Male receiving skin needling on forehead

Unless you’ve been living in a shadowy part of the world for the last few years where the internet doesn’t exist, you’ve probably heard of Dermapen. This is a non-invasive and revolutionary skin needling treatment which rejuvenates and restores the skin’s original look and feel. 

Skin needling is perfect for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that but it repairs pigmentation and the effects of ageing skin due to sun damage. Furthermore, it can also improve elasticity, tighten the skin and shrink enlarged pores.

If you’ve ever wondered how your 35+ or even 45+ year old colleague has almost silky smooth and fresh-looking skin, then chances are they’ve taken advantage of skin needling at some point.

During a skin needling procedure, micro-needles penetrate the skin’s deeper layers, which triggers the body’s own natural healing mechanism. This stimulates new elastic and collagen formation. The end result is a much younger looking you, with firmer looking, more elastic skin, and practically no fine lines or wrinkles around the face.

Skin Peeling

Male receiving chemical peel

Blocked pores are one of the most cumbersome and nagging skincare problems men deal with. If these are not treated in time, then you may be looking at blackheads and acne breakouts. 

While some men believe that simply giving their face a good scrub and wash each morning is all that’s needed. Often at times, dirt, grime and higher than normal oil production within the skin prevents the pores from staying clear. This is very important as your skin must breathe properly in order to stay healthy. 

Skin peels are, therefore, very effective in treating any scarring and reducing the likelihood of acne breakouts. Two common issues men face due to picking blocked pores on their own. But that’s not all. Skin peels have proven to be a safe and effective way to renewing the skin, making it look fresh, healthy and youthful. 

Skin Hydrofacial

Hydrofacials for men have often been dubbed as the best ‘overall treatment’ for men seeking a fresh and youthful look with confidence levels to boot!

This non-invasive skin surfacing and rejuvenation treatment combines a series of procedures such as cleaning, exfoliation, extraction and hydration. This leaves your skin looking really fresh, smooth and youthful – perfect for that upcoming wedding reception or business meeting.

Aesthetic pampering isn’t just for women; men too can try out a variety of treatments to look fresher and feel younger.  So men if you want to realising the benefits of just taking better care of your skin then consider male aesthetic treatments. Men it’s time to takecare of your skin.

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