Melanoma & Skin Cancer Early Detection

Skinic Male Aesthetic clinic is proud to be accredited by MASCED (Melanoma and Skin Cancer Early Detection) Scheme. Awareness of the early signs and symptoms of Melanoma and Skin Cancer is a commonplace. With over 86% of all cases of melanoma being preventable.

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Men are twice as likely to die of skin cancer than women. Male skin cancer has double over the last 20 years. The reason for this is that men are in denial about the risk of sun exposure to their own skin and fail to use sun protection. Just look at guys on the building site in summer.

The World Health Organisation state that men take less protective measures than women. Guys are more likely to agree with the statement that ‘having a tan is sexy”

The link between attractiveness and tanning guys is something that needs to overcome when it comes to skin cancer. Skin cancer doesn’t discriminate. In fact, men under 49 are likely to develop melanoma than any other cancer. Guys, aged between 15 – 39 are 55% more likely to die of melanoma than women in the same age group.

As we see you guys on a regular basis, we have a unique opportunity to spot changes on your skin, especially in areas that you are not able to see yourselves. This puts us in a unique position where we can help to sport the early signs of Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and have the ability to signpost you.

Skinic clinicians are trained in early detection and help you guys raise the awareness of early signs and symptoms of skin cancers.

So guys, if you are concerned with any mole that has changed in shape, size, appearance or, is itchy, sore or bleeds occasionally book in with us. We can provide an in-depth skin analysis and photos that allow you to record and monitor any further changes.

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